burglary protection

Burglary protection includes all preventive measures taken to prevent burglaries, e.g. B. in your house or apartment to prevent.

Conventional measures for burglary protection are z. e.g.:

  • Putting a security lock on your front door
  • Double locking the front door
  • The installation of roller shutters
  • Never leave windows open when you are away
  • No posting of holiday photos on social media
  • Attaching motion detectors (e.g. in the garden and on the front door)

Since smart home technology has been on the market, additional effective measures have been available to scare away potential burglars:

  • Setting up automated lighting scenarios gives burglars the illusion that someone is home – the perfect deterrent for the holiday season.
  • Equally effective: automated raising and lowering of roller shutters in the morning and in the evening.
  • The attachment of smart alarm sirens in connection with window and door sensors: An alarm tone is triggered in the event of unauthorized opening. At the same time you will receive a warning message on your mobile phone and you can call the police immediately.

You can find more tips on the subject of burglary protection in our guide article Burglary – This is how you react really smart .

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