window sensor

A window sensor checks whether your window is open or closed. This is important if you want to strengthen your security concept at home or optimize heating.

Since the window sensor is networked wirelessly (Zigbee) with your smart home control unit, other smart home devices can receive information from the window sensor: If the window sensor in the bathroom reports "window open", the smart radiator thermostat in the bathroom reacts automatically and regulates down the heater. If the window sensor in the living room reports "window open" and the alarm system is armed at the same time, then it can be assumed that the window was opened without authorisation. The smart alarm siren reacts immediately with a loud warning tone. You will also receive the messages from the window sensor as a message on your smartphone. So you have full control over your smart home.

You can get combined ones in our online shop Window and door sensors of essentials that can be easily mounted with adhesive strips or screws.

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