Smart watering computer for garden and greenhouse

Smarter Bewässerungscomputer für Garten und Gewächshaus

You love your garden, but don't feel like the annoying watering in the evening and would rather enjoy a cool beer after work? Do you grow vegetables in the greenhouse and want to add the right amount of water - even if you're on vacation for a few days? Then the wireless watering computer from essentials is just right for you!

What do I need to automate irrigation?

The watering computer from essentials (product name: Smart Garden irrigation system ) is screwed between the tap and the hose system. Accordingly, you need an (outside) water tap through which the water is supplied, as well as a hose system with which you can reach the areas to be watered (e.g. a hose with a lawn sprinkler or a hose with distribution pipes and drippers). Also necessary: ​​a smartphone.

Why do I need a smartphone to automate irrigation?

Your smartphone becomes the command center for automatic garden irrigation: you install it essentials app on your cell phone - and in the app you can then define exactly how you want the watering to be: every evening at 8 p.m. water should flow for ten minutes. Or you can start watering spontaneously from the garden lounger using the app – whenever you have the feeling that your plants are thirsty.


Do you already have the Tuya Smart Life App installed on your smartphone? Then you don't need to download the essentials app as well! The essentials Smart Garden irrigation system is compatible with the Smart Life App. That means: You can easily add the watering computer as a device in the Smart Life app.

Good for the environment and your wallet

The irrigation computer not only relieves you of work, but also helps you to reduce water consumption: the system sends you a message to your smartphone when the weather forecast predicts rain. Based on the weather forecast, you can then spontaneously decide at your vacation spot how much extra water your garden really needs and adjust the watering plan in the app accordingly. That's good for the environment and you save money: according to the garden portal "Garden Dialogue" Garden owners use about 20 liters of water per square meter in a summer. So there is great potential for savings here.

Afraid of water leaks?

What if there is a leak and the water doesn't stop bubbling? The Smart Garden irrigation system will then send you a warning on your mobile phone. You can intervene quickly and stop the flow of water via the app.

Getting started!

Would you like to automate your garden irrigation now and control it via mobile phone? Then order this now essentials smart garden irrigation system to your home - for only 59.95 euros!

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