Set of 2 Shelly RGBW 2

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The Shelly RGBW 2 brings colorful light into your four walls and can be adjusted depending on your personal mood. Adjust the brightness, color temperature and light color of connected LED strips and LED lamps.

The Shelly RGBW supports the vast majority of SPST/SPDT. There are also any 12 V or 24 V white, RGB, RGBW LED strips and 12/24 V LED lamps with a combined power of up to 288 W. Among other things, the device also supports 4-way PWM for controlling 4 colors LED strips (R/G/B/W) and the requirements for color lights, color temperature lights and general lights.

The Shelly RGBW 2 can be controlled via APP, with a local and remote control as well as convenient voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can also create individual daily and weekly plans so that connected consumers can be controlled automatically. The integrated astro function allows the Shelly RGBW2 to be controlled at sunrise and sunset.

Color changing, preset effects and dimmers are available.

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