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The essentials Smart Home 3-way power strip USB is a multiple socket including 2 USB ports and WiFi connectivity. The multiple socket is integrated into the WLAN with just a few clicks and is then conveniently controlled via the free essentials Smart Home App for Android or iOS. The individual slots are switched individually via app, time-controlled or manually via the on/off switch. Complex scenarios for smart home applications are mapped in combination with other components of the essentials smart home system. The socket outlet can be attached to the wall using the two T-shaped brackets on the back. A gateway is not required, but is used by users to expand the function for comprehensive smart home functionality if required.

product properties

  • Installed in just a few minutes and integrated into the home WLAN network
  • Convenient switching of consumers such. B. Luminaires via free essentials app
  • All 230 V sockets can be switched on and off individually, USB ports in a group
  • Simultaneously charge up to 2 USB devices
  • Simple programming of switching times in the essentials app
  • Can be combined standalone or in combination with numerous other products of the essentials Smart Home System
  • Easy creation of time profiles
  • Easy attachment to the wall
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
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  • Flat plug

    With the essentials WiFi plug-in strip, you can connect up to 3 devices and control them separately via voice control or app. At the same time, 2 USB ports allow other devices to be charged. So you have all devices in one place and no cable clutter. Thanks to the very flat plug, furniture can be placed directly in front of the socket without a large distance.

  • Flat plug

    With the practical timer function, several switch-on and switch-off points per day can be freely programmed as desired and according to the daily routine. For example, the television can be switched off automatically at night. This way you save electricity, money and do something good for the environment.

  • Flat plug

    With just a few clicks, the USB WiFi socket strip can be connected to the WLAN and controlled via the free essentials app. Remote control via several smartphones is possible. A separate control center (gateway) is not necessary.

  • Voice control via Alexa & Co.

    The individual slots can be controlled not only via the free essentials app, but also with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant via voice command. This eliminates the hassle of switching it on and off and you can enjoy maximum comfort.


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