Shelly 1PM Wireless Relay Smart Domotic Switch Amazon Alexa and Google Home 2pcs Energy Monitor

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The Shelly 1PM is a further development of the Shelly 1. All known functions have been further developed, making the Shelly 1PM more powerful and innovative. Its name extension PM stands for Power Metering and allows you to measure the energy of your consumers.

The Shelly 1PM is simply placed in the switch box behind your switch or socket. After integration and configuration via the Shelly Cloud app, you can conveniently control it from anywhere via your secure home network or with your smartphone. It can also be controlled via Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Using the astro function, you can automatically control your consumers at sunrise and/or sunrise. You can also create custom weekly and daily plans. The integrated countdown timer sets connected devices according to e.g. B. automatically after an hour.

Cloud or no cloud - the choice is yours
Whether you use the free cloud functionality or not is entirely up to you. You can also access and operate the Shelly 1PM's convenient user interface at any time via the IP address within your home network. You can also activate or deactivate the cloud functionality. With active cloud functionality, you can easily control all of your devices connected to Shelly 1PM while on the go.

Open source
You can use the Shelly 1PM standalone or integrate it into other home automation systems thanks to the open approach of the Shelly 1.

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