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With the Shelly Dimmer 2, a small WiFi dimmer, you can easily control halogen lights, dimmable LEDs and ferromagnetic transformers. The Shelly Dimmer 2 offers comprehensive dimming functions, so you can customize your light to your liking.

The successor to the Shelly dimmer can be used in electrical installations where the neutral conductor is partially missing.

After integration and configuration (client mode or in access point mode) via the Shelly Cloud app, connected lights can be switched on and off and dimmed via your smartphone, by voice via Amazon Echo and Google Home and as usual at the switch .

Weekly plans can be created in a very short time. The Shelly Dimmer 2 also has the sunrise and sunset function, so you can be woken up in the morning by the light that gets brighter and brighter. Another highlight: the integrated consumption measurement. So you always have an eye on your power consumption.

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