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  • Vorschaubild: Video mit Björn - Erklärung Tasmota Aktoren

    Tasmota actuators from wesmartify

  • Vorschaubild: Video mit Björn - Erklärung essentials Aktoren

    Actors from essentials

  • Vorschaubild: Video mit Julian - Erklärung essentials Heizlüfter

    essentials Smart Home Fan Heater Compact

  • Vorschaubild: Video mit Julian - Erklärung essentials Heißluftfritteuse

    it Smart Cooking hot air fryer

wesmartify not only stands for self-explanatory, affordable smart home products, but also for real customer proximity.

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Shipped from Germany

We ship all of our products directly and locally from our central warehouse in Bad Salzdetfurth or our sub-warehouse in Salzgitter in Lower Saxony.

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About Us

The decision in favor of a smart home system can be associated with a number of hurdles: an unmanageable number of different providers, complex technical details, installation effort that is difficult to assess, high acquisition costs. That is why we have made it our task to offer an easier way to an intelligent home: self-explanatory technology, free app and advice from smart home experts!

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