wesmartify GmbH is one of the most innovative providers of pioneering products and systems for smart home technology in Europe.

The corporate philosophy is characterized by fair and honest dealings with business partners and employees, social commitment and the assumption of corporate responsibility.

Our product development is carried out with a view to future market requirements in compliance with international standards and regulations. This forms the basis for our quality.

The company management follows the conviction that credibility, reliability and legality are fundamental prerequisites for sustainable corporate success.

This wesmartify code of conduct is directly related to our mission statements and guides our relationships with our business partners and authorities. It defines the principles of cooperation with and among each other.

The Code of Conduct also sets out what we expect of our employees. Violations of applicable law are not tolerated in our company. There is no exception to this. To underline the importance of this principle, we have formulated our position on legal requirements and ethical issues in our Code of Conduct. We make this available to our employees as instructions for their conduct. It is intended to outline the basic standards we aim to adhere to at wesmartify.

We are convinced that sustainable economic success can only be achieved if it is achieved with means that meet high ethical and moral principles.

Ralph Klar
Managing Director