About Us

The decision for a smart home system can be associated with a number of hurdles: an unmanageable number of different providers, complex technical details, installation effort that is difficult to assess, high acquisition costs.

We at wesmartify have made it our mission to accompany you on your way out of the technology jungle. Our products are characterized by easy handling and an unbeatable price-performance ratio to give everyone access to smart living. This is how we contribute to a smart world and bring Smart Home to your home.

Who is actually behind wesmartify?

wesmartify GmbH was founded in Bad Salzdetfurth in mid-2017. Our company is part of the Möhlenhoff Group. Salzgitter-based Möhlenhoff GmbH is one of the world's most innovative manufacturers of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

wesmartify Büro: Blich aufs Gebäude von der anderen Straßenseite
Smart Home Germany Award


In May 2019, we received a public accolade for our innovative, end-customer-friendly approach to the Smart Home topic: We took third place in the SmartHome Deutschland Award in the "Best Startup" category.