alarm system

An alarm system protects your home from burglary. If someone unauthorized tries to break into your house, a signal tone will be emitted automatically. This should make the burglar flee.

In addition to conventional alarm systems, there are also smart alarm systems that can be easily activated by control the app . Smart home alarm systems offer several advantages:

  • In the event of an attempted break-in, you will immediately receive a message on your smartphone and can call the police.
  • Motion detectors in the house, which are connected to the smart home system, register every movement and thus offer additional protection.
  • If the smart alarm system is networked with light switches, the light is automatically switched on in every room if a break-in is attempted.
  • You can also program light scenarios: the light in the house goes on and off automatically at certain times. Potential burglars think someone is in the house and move on.
  • Smart alarm systems can be connected to smart surveillance cameras. These can e.g. B. be installed on the front door or in the garden. You have access to the cameras from your smartphone and can see with your own eyes what is going on at home.
  • Also possible: Linking the smart alarm system with glass breakage detectors, fire alarms or water detectors.

With smart home alarm systems, deterrent measures can be sensibly combined with measures for emergencies. You can decide which one Components you want to integrate into the smart alarm system.

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