The term lighting refers to various light sources that can be installed in your home or in the associated outdoor facilities. There is for example:

  • interior lamps,
  • Garden lamps for a nice lighting on summer evenings,
  • indirect lighting for a cozy ambience,
  • Color changing LED lighting
  • or exterior lighting for better visibility at night.

In a "normal" home, the lighting is switched on and off via light switches. In a smart home, you can automate switching the light sources on and off: For example, you can define a fixed time at which the garden lighting should switch on and off automatically every day. Or you can switch selected lamps on and off via the app. The lighting can also be dimmed via the app. Or you use a voice command like "Alexa, lights out" - and it's getting dark. Another alternative: you also integrate a motion detector into your smart home. Then the light will turn on/off automatically when the sensor detects movement.

The smart home brand essentials , which you can get in our online shop, has various smart lighting solutions in its range. With the intelligent WiFi-based LED bulbs, you can use the app to set the light temperature and color tone. And via the Smart Home switch sockets you can e.g. B. automate the switching on and off of floor lamps and fairy lights. You can also get motion detectors for indoor and outdoor use in our shop, which can be linked to light sources, among other things.

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