The term shading describes shading and darkening solutions such as e.g. B. shutters, blinds, awnings and various accessories.

With a smart home integration, the shading solutions can be automated. The roller shutters, blinds, awnings, etc. are then controlled either by voice command, via an app or via a universal switch. The control via app proves to be particularly practical:

  • You can set a schedule for your shading systems in the app: If you want to be woken up by the sun in the morning, you can set your roller shutters to go up at a certain time every day.
  • You can lower the awning on the terrace or balcony from the comfort of your garden chair, simply by clicking on your mobile phone.
  • In summer you can use an app to give your roller shutters the command to automatically lower in direct sunlight so that it stays nice and cool inside.

In the wesmartify online shop you can get a wide variety of components for a smart shading solution .

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