Fire protection

Fire protection is a collective term for all measures that prevent fires, save lives and help extinguish fires. Of course, fire protection is also a key issue when it comes to protecting your own home – and the people who live there.

The central fire protection devices are smoke detectors: With a loud signal tone, they warm you and your family from smoke development at an early stage and can thus save lives.

With the help of smart home technology, you can make your own fire protection even more reliable: Smart smoke detectors are networked with each other and can be controlled via an associated app. If smoke develops, the smart home system will send you a warning message to your mobile phone - this way you'll know that something is wrong at home, even when you're out and about, and you can quickly call the fire brigade. Particularly practical: the digital warning message also tells you in which room the smoke detector is sounding the alarm. In this way, you can guide the fire brigade precisely to the source of the fire.

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