data protection

Data protection protects data from unauthorized disclosure, storage and evaluation.

In Europe, the rules for protecting personal data are laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Among other things, the regulation defines the framework for action for companies and website operators that receive personal data from customers and website visitors. This can e.g. B. Your address and your date of birth. In some cases, however, even more sensitive data such as illness-related information or credit card numbers. Strict regulations apply to the storage of data. In addition, companies are prohibited from giving or even selling the data to other companies without reason.

If you have any questions about the handling of personal data at wesmartify, you are very welcome to contact us. Just send us an email to You can also find details in our Data protection read.

The topic of data protection is also relevant when installing smart home systems. Let's take the essentials app, for example, with which you can commission, teach and control a wide variety of smart home products: Your email address is required to log into the app. You also have the option of storing precise location data and other personal information in the app. Here, too, you can be sure that the app observes all data protection rules from the GDPR.

Would you still prefer to manage all smart home data locally yourself? Then we recommend this to you ConBee stick in connection with its own server.

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