Energy is a physical quantity that determines our everyday life: We need energy in the form of electricity to make light sources shine, such as your ceiling light at home. Vehicles only move with energy. And thermal energy ensures that our heaters get warm. The unit of measurement for energy is the joule, named after the energy researcher James Prescott Joule.

It is a major social goal to save energy in order to conserve the earth's resources. Smart home devices help you with this:

  • With a Smart Home heating thermostat, you save a lot of energy – and therefore also costs – when heating.
  • Motion detectors ensure that the light only comes on when someone is in the room. You no longer waste energy by accidentally switching on lamps.
  • With smart sockets you save standby energy of the connected consumers: The socket is only activated when the respective device is really needed.
  • Smart awnings and roller shutters are automatically lowered when the sun is strong and keep the interior cool. This is how you reduce the costs for air conditioning.

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