underfloor heating

Instead of using radiators on the wall, underfloor heating distributes heat over the entire floor area of ​​a room. There are various functional principles for this: Some underfloor heating systems work with hot water pipes: The hot water pipes of the underfloor heating are embedded in heated screed under the floor covering. The heated screed then gives off the heat over the floor and spreads it throughout the room. Electric underfloor heating, on the other hand, works with heating cables, heating mats or heating foils under the floor covering.

Whether water or electricity powered: Any underfloor heating can be retrofitted with smart technology . Advantage of smart underfloor heating: It can be conveniently controlled via an app. In the event of a longer absence (e.g. on vacation), the heating is turned down via smartphone. One day before you return home, you set the temperature of the underfloor heating higher again using your smartphone. The smart adjustment of the underfloor heating to longer absences not only saves a lot of energy, but also ensures that the heating is pleasantly warm to the feet again when you return.

In our Online shop we carry various components that you need to upgrade your smart underfloor heating, e.g. B. control units, actuators, room control units and wall switches.

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