Lumen is the unit of measurement for luminous flux. At light bulbs The lumen value describes how much light a lamp emits. However, this value alone is not meaningful. It is always a good idea to look at the ratio of lumens to watts – the so-called light output. This indicates how much energy is required for a certain luminous flux. This makes it clear how energy-efficient and economical a lamp works.

How many lumens – i.e. how much brightness – do you need at home? The answer differs from room to room. On the one hand, the lumen value depends on the size of the space to be illuminated. On the other hand, different recommendations apply to each room depending on its purpose:

A high lumen value of around 250 lumens per square meter is z. B. advisable for the basic lighting in the study, in the handicraft corner or in the kitchen. In other words: wherever you want to see details precisely. For cozy lighting accents – e.g. B. for the lighting above the couch - fewer lumens are required.

A concrete example: Suppose your kitchen is 15 square meters. Then you should achieve a total of 15*250 =3,750 lumens with your lighting.

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