Tasmota is a free one firmware for smart home devices equipped with an ESP8266 chip. This chip enables the construction of WLAN-controlled actuators and sensors - it is therefore of fundamental importance for controlling the devices via the smartphone.

Tasmota is mainly used by technically experienced people for "do-it-yourself" smart home systems: The Tekkies assemble their systems as they wish and use devices from different manufacturers for this purpose. All devices are equipped with Tasmota (in technical jargon this means " Flashen”) and can thus be combined under one roof and controlled centrally.

At wesmartify you get actuators on which the Tasmota firmware is already pre-installed: Den wesmartify smart home actuator Shut It TASMOTA for smart control of roller shutters and the wesmartify smart home actuator Switch It TASMOTA for automatic control of light switches and sockets.

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