wall switch

A wall switch is one built into the wall of a room or house Switch with which you z. B. turning the lights or the heating on and off, operating the blinds or opening and closing the garage door. Wall switches are available as surface-mounted or flush-mounted versions.

Smart home wall switches transmit control commands wirelessly to the connected devices. The smart switches can also be operated via an app. That means: Instead of running to the switch, you simply pull out your smartphone - no matter where you are - and simply give the desired command (e.g. turn on the heating) in the smart home app. Conventional wall switches can be retrofitted with appropriate smart home solutions.

Important to know: The smart wall switches should actually be called wall buttons, because in most models, a switch is not flipped, but a button is pressed. But in everyday life the term switch has become established.

In the wesmartify online shop you can get two types of wall button, both of which are Homematic IP-compatible: a 2-way wall button and a 6-way wall button.

The 2-way wall button allows the programming of two different switching scenarios. Button 1 can e.g. B. with the switching scenario "start from home" can be assigned. If the button (or the button in the app) is pressed, all integrated devices obey your command: the alarm system switches on, all the lights in the house switch off, the heating lowers the temperature to 18 degrees. For button 2 you can e.g. For example, select the “After work” scenario and specify that the connected sound system should play your favorite radio station at the touch of a button, the heating in the living room should be turned up to a comfortable temperature and the lighting should be dimmed.

The 6-way wall button processes six switching scenarios. Three pairs of buttons placed one above the other are available for this purpose.

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