You should pay attention to this when buying a deep fryer

Darauf solltest du beim Kauf einer Fritteuse achten

Fancy fries, chicken wings & Co.? Having your own deep fryer saves you the trip to the snack bar. But not every device turns out to be suitable for everyday use. In this article, we will show you what to look out for when buying a deep fryer.

1. Prefer an air fryer

First you should consider whether you really need a classic fryer or whether you would rather buy a modern hot air fryer. The cooking results are identical - but the hot air fryer uses minimal oil (or even no oil at all, depending on the dish). So the prepared food is much healthier. And yet the fries are crispy and the fried chicken wings are nice and juicy. At the same time, you save yourself the trouble of disposing of the old frying oil - it must not be poured down the drain. If you want to dispose of the old oil with the residual waste, you need a suitable container for this.

Another advantage: With the hot air fryer you can not only fry. It works like a mini oven, so you can also cook vegetables, prepare casseroles or bake muffins.

2. Cooking space size

How many people would you like to host? The more people, the larger the maximum capacity of the frying basket (or the cooking space) should be. The capacity is usually given in grams or liters.

There are devices with a cooking space of only two liters - perfect for singles, but not enough for families. If you usually cook for three to five people, a cooking space of around five to six liters is recommended. The cooking space es Smart Cooking hot air fryer 5.5 l offers e.g. B. enough space for six rolls, fries as a side dish for four to five people or four chicken thighs.

3. High wattage

The more watts the fryer has, the faster it heats up and the better the cooking result. We recommend fryers with an output of 1,800 watts or more.

4. PFOA free

Most fryers have a non-stick coating. Make sure that it is free of harmful perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). You can find out more about the health risks of PFOA directly from Federal Environment Agency .

5. Easy cleaning

Nobody wants to spend hours cleaning the device after eating. The cooking basket and other parts, e.g. B. the individual inserts, should therefore be suitable for dishwashers - such as e.g. B. at the es Smart Cooking hot air fryer 5.5 l : Simply pull the cooking basket out of the fryer and put it in the dishwasher.

6. Smart cooking function

What is known as a smart cooking function in fryers is more than just a nice-to-have. We will show you what is possible using the example of our smart es Smart Cooking hot air fryer 5.5 l : The smart fryer is integrated into the home WLAN and can be controlled via a smartphone app. While the rolls are baking in the hot air fryer until they are golden yellow, you can set the living room table in peace and quiet without having to watch the rolls - the mobile phone will send you an audio signal when the programmed baking time has elapsed. The connection to a huge online recipe collection is also really practical: if you don't have any recipe ideas or are a complete novice when it comes to cooking, you can log into the after you have switched on the hot air fryer free essentials smart home app and browse the online recipe collection. The recipes are explained in detail and the cooking process is started simply by clicking in the app. The fryer then automatically sets the temperature and time to match the recipe and conjures up perfect cooking results.

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