Make your home smart & safe

Mache dein Zuhause smart & sicher

In the Security category you will find all the products that you can use to make your 4 walls smart and, above all, safe. For these products you need the essentials Smart Home Center as a basis.

essentials smart home center

You can easily connect the control panel to your home router using the supplied network cable. You supply the device with power using a micro-USB cable, which is also included in the scope of delivery. On the top of the device you will find two status LEDs and a small reset button next to the USB slot.

The control center is connected - now the app is missing, which you can easily access in the AppStore or Google play store can download. After successful download you have to create a user account. The tidy design ensures that you can find all the important settings quickly and you can use the "+" symbol at the top right to add products as you wish. Now it can start.

essentials smart home motion sensor

You can place the particularly small motion sensor from essentials (4 cm high, diameter 3.5 cm) anywhere and, above all, inconspicuously. To set up, press the larger hole on the side of the sensor for five seconds. Use the supplied reset needle for this. The blue status LED, which is also located on the side, then lights up. Now you can integrate the sensor into your WiFi network via the essentials app. Simply follow the instructions in the app.

You can change the battery of the wireless motion sensor in just a few seconds. To do this, turn the lower end of the motion sensor so that you can replace the CR2450 button cell used.

essentials smart home window/door sensor

Similar to the motion sensor, the window and door sensor from essentials impresses with its compact size and can therefore be installed unobtrusively. The sensor consists of two components with an adhesive surface on the back for easy installation. Arrows on the product surface are also used for orientation.

Similar to the motion sensor, you also have to insert the reset needle into the small hole on the underside of the sensor. As soon as the sensor is in pairing mode, the status LED lights up blue. You can then integrate it into the app using the "+" symbol.

Should you need to change the battery, you will find the CR2032 button cell in the larger sensor unit.

essentials smart home alarm siren

Of course, a smart alarm siren should not be missing. You simply plug the alarm siren from essentials into a socket. In addition to a signal tone that reaches 95 dB, you can also set a flashing mode without noise. The siren ring will start flashing red when there is an alarm. Of course, both options can be used in parallel, so that every burglar is deterred.

Similar to the other two sensors, you activate the pairing mode with the reset needle so that you can integrate the alarm siren in the essentials app via the "+" symbol. The siren also has an integrated rechargeable battery, so it can be used for up to four hours without voltage.

Security can mean more than burglary protection: With the essentials temperature and humidity sensor and water sensor, you can always keep an eye on the humidity in your basement, for example. These products can also be easily connected and used with the essentials Smart Home App. One app for everything!

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