More comfort with the products from essentials

Mehr Komfort mit den Produkten von essentials

Smart products should make your life easier. With essentials you can do this in no time at all, because you can easily teach the following products via your WLAN and do not need a control center for this.

essentials Smart Home WLAN LED

The essentials smart LED is equipped with a classic E27 socket and therefore fits into most lamp sockets. To put the WLAN LED into pairing mode, i.e. "teach-in mode", switch the lamp on and off at least five times. The LED starts flashing. Then follow the instructions in the app.

After you have successfully taught the LED, you can set different colors, luminosity or predefined lighting moods in the app. You can also create different schedules.

essentials Smart Home switch socket 10 A

With the essentials switch socket, you can easily make your old floor lamp smart. This not only protects your wallet, but also the environment. After you have plugged in the smart socket, it is integrated into the app: To do this, press and hold the reset button on the socket until the LED on the side flashes. Then follow the instructions in the app. After you have integrated the essentials switch socket into your network, you can use it to control your connected device. This is particularly useful when sockets are difficult to reach. If you don't have your smartphone to hand, you can alternatively switch the socket on or off using the LED button on the side.

Of course you can also create weekly or schedules and countdowns in the app. This is especially useful if you want your hallway to be lit when you get home from work and not have to grope in the dark.

essentials Smart Home 4-way power strip USB

After you have trained the product, you can name all four slots and switch them individually: For example, switch on the television and the Playstation stays off.

You can easily charge your cell phone or other mobile end devices via the four USB ports of the essentials Smart Home 4-way power strip and no longer have to sacrifice valuable sockets for smartphone chargers. All four USB ports are switched on or off together. As with all other essentials comfort products, it is also possible to create different schedules.

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