Clean air: Breathe easy at home despite pollen allergy

Saubere Luft: Entspannt Zuhause durchatmen trotz Pollenallergie

Do you have a pollen allergy every year? At least in your own four walls and in the office you can now put an end to the spook! Regardless of whether you are allergic to early bloomers such as hazel and alder, to mid-bloomers (e.g. chestnuts, grain) or to late-blooming herbs: with the mobile air purifier from essentials you save yourself a runny nose and annoying sneezing attacks.

Grass pollen and co. cause an itchy, runny nose not only outside, but also indoors. The allergy triggers get inside through ventilation and clothing. As a result, it can happen that your symptoms are very strong even in your own home or office. However, there is a simple solution to get rid of annoying indoor pollen: the mobile air purifier from essentials !

Especially for allergy sufferers: the essentials air purifier with HEPA13 filter

A filter classified as HEPA13 belongs to the top class among air purifiers: 99.95 percent of all particles - pollen, dust and other airborne particles, even viruses and bacteria! – removes such a filter from the air. Therefore, the essentials air purifier is ideal for people with allergies. A great side effect: You don't have to dust much as often because the air purifier also filters dust particles out of the air - allergy sufferers save themselves a real ordeal.

You can easily connect the smart air purifier to your smartphone via WiFi. The quality of the air is constantly measured - you can read the values ​​in real time on your mobile phone. If the pollen load in the air increases or decreases, the device automatically adjusts it.

Changing the filter is very easy: you will receive a message when the filter needs to be replaced. In normal operation, however, this is only necessary after approx. 2,200 hours.

Sleep peacefully with the smart air purifier

Pollen doesn't stop at your bedroom, either? No reason for sleepless nights! The air purifier weighs less than five kilograms and can easily be carried from one room to another. So you can position it flexibly in your apartment. At night you simply place it next to your bedside table. Thanks to the sleep function, the device is very quiet and you can enjoy your sleep despite active air purification.

Conclusion: The smart essentials air purifier can increase your quality of life enormously during the pollen season - you will notice it within the first hour of use.

Here you can read all the technical data on the mobile air purifier and order it directly.

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