Smart heating with essentials

Smart Heizen mit essentials

The smart heating of your own 4 walls offers you maximum comfort. With essentials products you can create individual schedules or simply turn on the heating via the app when you leave the office. As soon as you enter your home, it is already cozy and warm.

essentials Smart Home Radiator Thermostat Premium

The premium thermostat impresses with its chic design and extensive functionality. The prerequisite for using the thermostat is the essentials Smart Home control panel. After successful linking, you can program several heating intervals per day. The thermostat also has a boost function for quick heating.

essentials radiator thermostats

essentials also has other radiator thermostats in its range. On the one hand, there is the classic essentials radiator thermostat , which can be operated without an app or smartphone. The temperature and time programs can be set directly on the device. On the other hand, there is the essentials radiator thermostat with similar functions. This thermostat is connected to the app via Bluetooth and can therefore also be controlled via smartphone.

essentials smart home wall thermostat for underfloor heating

The smart wall thermostat is the ideal solution for upgrading existing underfloor heating and is suitable for both water and electrically operated underfloor heating.

After installation, the wall thermostat can be easily connected to the app so that you can program weekly programs with up to four heating switching times per day. The display also shows the target and actual temperature.

essentials smart home electric stove

Cozy warmth and atmosphere without chopping wood. This is possible with the smart stove from essentials, whose 3D flame effect looks convincingly real. The stove can be controlled via app or with the supplied remote control. An ideal alternative to the wood stove.

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