Smart Air Purifier: Meet your family with a clear conscience

Smarter Luftreiniger: Triff deine Familie mit gutem Gewissen

Have you completely refrained from meeting family members in closed rooms in the last few months due to Corona? Understandable! However, there is a solution how you can see your loved ones again for a coffee gossip in your own four walls (of course within the legally permitted framework): Get a mobile air purifier!

We all probably feel the same way: We finally want to see our parents, children or grandchildren again with a feeling of security. And without having to sip coffee in your winter coat because the window has to be open all the time. If only there were a way to keep the air clean in a Corona-compliant manner even in the warm living room... Stop - this possibility exists!

Intelligent room air purifiers make your everyday corona life easier

You have probably already seen an air filter device in the doctor's office or in the office. Such fresh air devices are also suitable for home use and help you to implement pandemic-related precautions for getting together with your closest friends and family.

The essentials smart home air purifier is ideal for your four walls: it filters 99.95 percent of viruses out of the air in rooms of up to 60 square meters - including your living room. How does that work? The included HEPA13 filter is highly efficient and cleans even the smallest aerosols with ease. Viruses and bacteria that get stuck in the filter are effectively killed by a UV lamp.

Ready to use in just a few minutes: the essentials smart home mobile air purifier

With the essentials app, the room air purifier can be integrated and set up in your home WLAN in no time at all via your smartphone. From now on, your mobile phone will tell you what the air quality is in your home. You can also monitor the status of the room air by looking at the air purifier: If the LED lights up blue, everything is fine. If it lights up red, the ambient air is too bad.

We recommend that you activate automatic mode when meeting friends and family. The smart device then automatically adjusts the filter performance to the quality of the ambient air. So you can fully concentrate on your visit.

Would you like to keep control yourself? Then manually switch back and forth between sleep, basic, automatic and turbo mode. No matter which program you choose: If you have to change the filter (after approx. 2,200 hours of running time), the app will inform you in good time. Also practical: the device works really quietly and doesn't bother you when you're chatting.

Smart, energy-saving and unobtrusive

The white device, which is around 50 centimeters high, is hardly noticeable in your living room. The essentials air filter runs absolutely silently. The design is simple, modern and elegant. The practical handle allows you to position the fan flexibly in the room. You will hardly notice the essentials air purifier in the electricity bill either: With a power consumption of only 48 W, the device consumes little energy.

And how much does the finally-again-carefree-invite-the-family-device cost? – Just under 150 euros. The room air filter will be with you in two to four working days.

Here you can order the Smart Home air purifier directly to your home: essentials smart home mobile air purifier

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