Alpha-4 actuator 230V NC

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Control of heating valves
The thermoelectric Alpha-4 actuator opens and closes the respective valves on the heating circuit distributors of panel heating and panel cooling systems depending on the heating requirement. It is maintenance-free and noiseless and is equipped with an all-round function display.

100% protection
Great importance was attached to increased functional reliability with the Alpha-4. It offers a patented 100% protection against leaking valves and convinces with an improved overvoltage resistance.

Compact design
Thanks to the modern design, the actuator has only small dimensions, which makes it suitable for short valve gaps. In addition, the valve adapter concept enables simple plug-in installation on almost any valve

Extremely efficient
The actuator design is normally closed (NC) so that no power is consumed when not in use. Not only is this energy efficient, it also extends the life expectancy of the motor

The Alpha-4 is controlled by a 230 V room temperature controller with a two-point output or by pulse width modulation. The scope of delivery includes an Alpha-4 actuator 230 V NC, a 1m connection power and assembly instructions

Product features:

  • 230 V drive (operating mode: NC - normally closed)
  • Operating power 2 W
  • Simple connection with plug-in connection
  • Small overall width of only 44 mm
  • Cable length 1m
  • Simple plug-in installation: screw on the adapter

Suitable for various distributors:

  • aquatherm
  • cosmos
  • EQtherm
  • pet eggs
  • Kermi
  • Oventrop
  • and many more

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