Smart Garden 2-way irrigation system

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The essentials Smart Garden 2-way irrigation system for plant watering is ideal for the precise watering of plants in your garden, on your balcony and on your terrace. Not only do you save water by watering as needed, but you can also use the essentials Smart Home app to easily operate the irrigation system and get an insight into your irrigation status at any time. The Smart Garden Controller fits all standard taps and hoses and can also be controlled manually at the push of a button.

Product features

  • Installed in just a few minutes and integrated into your home WiFi network
  • Two irrigation connections on one device that can be switched on separately
  • Individual irrigation plans possible for each connection
  • Power failure protection & water leak warning
  • Built-in water flow sensor
  • Watering mode & Frost mode
  • The essentials Smart Home app provides information about the current weather forecast so that you receive your watering plan
  • can adapt
  • Can be combined with a maximum of two floor sensors
  • Includes gateway for optimal radio strength
  • Can be combined standalone or in combination with numerous other products from the essentials Smart Home System
  • Technical requirement: Internet connection with IPv4 support (if not available, simply contact the Internet provider and have them activated, this is free of charge)
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  • Automatic watering

    After you create your individual watering plan, the device automatically carries out the desired watering without you having to do anything yourself. This means that even when you are absent, e.g. B. Vacation ensures the supply of your garden. You save time, money and protect the environment through the optimal use of water.

  • Smart supply

    The intelligent irrigation computer with WiFi connectivity thinks ahead and includes the current weather forecast in the irrigation planning. The soil moisture sensor also detects the moisture level of the soil and automatically adjusts the watering schedule if necessary, so that your garden is always optimally supplied without manual adjustments.

  • High quality and safety

    The smooth and reliable operation of the essentials irrigation system is ensured, among other things, by the power failure protection and a water leak warning function.

  • setup and control

    The smooth and reliable operation of the essentials irrigation system is ensured, among other things, by the power failure protection and a water leak warning function.

More details

Certificates & Compatibility

Certificates & Guidelines

  • CE


  • tuya
  • Google Assistant
  • Amazon Alexa
Technical specifications

Supply voltage:4 x 1.5V (AA)

Supply voltage:Gateway 220 to 240

Radio frequency (irrigation unit):RF 433MHz

Radio strength:Max. 100mW

Radio frequency (gateway):2.4GHz

Radio protocol:WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Radio range:70 m

Thread:3/4" / 1" or BSP

Ambient temperature:3-50°C

Battery life:8-12 months

Protection class:IP 54 (water timer)

Operating pressure:0.5 to 8 bar (7.25 to 116 PSI)

Flow rate:5 to 35 l/min



Scope of delivery
  • essentials Smart Garden 2-way irrigation system
  • Gateway
  • operation manual


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