Smart Garden 2-way irrigation system & set of 2 soil sensors

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The essentials Smart Garden 2-way watering system is ideal for the precise watering of plants in your garden, on your balcony and on your terrace. The need-based watering not only saves you water, but also with the essentials Smart Home App you can easily operate the watering system and get an insight into your watering status at any time. The Smart Garden Controller fits all standard water taps and hoses and can also be controlled manually at the push of a button.

product properties

  • Installed in just a few minutes and integrated into the home WLAN network
  • Two irrigation connections on one device that can be switched separately
  • Individual watering plans possible for each connection
  • Power failure protection & water leak warning
  • Built-in water flow sensor
  • Watering mode & Freezing mode
  • The essentials Smart Home App provides information about the current weather forecast, so that you can plan your watering
  • can customize
  • Can be combined with a maximum of two floor sensors
  • Including gateway for optimal radio strength
  • Can be combined standalone or in combination with numerous other products of the essentials Smart Home System


  • Integrated into the home WLAN network via the gateway of the irrigation system
  • As a supplement to the essentials Smart Garden irrigation system and dual irrigation system
  • Three stable soil probes detect and analyze soil moisture and temperature
  • Display and recording of soil moisture and temperature in the free essentials Smart Home App
  • Adjustable maximum soil moisture: The watering plan is not executed or stops when the set limit value is reached
  • Thanks to the IP68 protection class, it is permanently protected against water and dust
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