Smart Home Body Analysis Scale Wifi/Bluetooth

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essentials Smart Home body analysis scale Wifi/Bluetooth

The essentials Smart Home body analysis scales are smart scales that give you a perfect overview of all your body values. Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or simply want to build up muscle mass, the scales give you important information about your weight, your muscle and bone mass, your basal metabolic rate and your body water percentage. Four large measuring points on the scale record all your values ​​optimally and precisely. The scale is either connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth or integrated into your local WLAN. All values ​​are saved in the app and visualized in progress graphs, so you always have an overview of your progress.

The white, stylish scale blends harmoniously into your bathroom environment. The large, stable platform provides additional safety during weighing. The translucent LED display gives you immediate information about your current weight.

product properties

  • Integrated in just a few minutes with your smartphone via Bluetooth or in the WLAN via Wifi
  • Accurate analysis of your body values: weight, BMI, weight without fat, body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle volume, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat percentage, protein, bone mass, body, physical age
  • Graphs help you visualize your progress
  • Large, stable platform
  • Four measuring points for a precise analysis of your body values
  • Ideal for losing and gaining weight, muscle building etc.
  • Measured values ​​can be assigned to different users, so the scale can be used by several family members
  • Digital LED display with shimmering, white display

scope of delivery

  • essentials smart home body fat scale
  • 4 x AAA batteries
  • operation manual
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