wesmartify motion detector outside, anthracite - Homematic IP compatible

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The motion detector with twilight sensor is especially suitable for use outside of the house. The device detects movements within the detection area (e.g. a person) and, thanks to an integrated twilight sensor, also the ambient brightness. You can use the powerful motion detector e.g. B. for light control or in security applications. Motion detection can be used in conjunction with other wesmartify devices to turn on lights or trigger an alarm.

Short-term fluctuations in brightness are filtered out, which prevents the motion detector from triggering unintentionally. With a detection range of up to 12 meters, a detection angle of approx. 90° and the option of continuously rotating the device through a 360° angle, the detection area can be optimally adapted to local conditions. The motion detector is equipped with a wall bracket and can therefore be mounted flexibly.

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