Bluetooth is a radio standard. Two devices can be connected to each other over a short distance via Bluetooth, e.g. B. to transmit data packets without cables. The signals are received or sent via a so-called transceiver, which is installed in Bluetooth-enabled devices.

A specific example of the use of Bluetooth functionality can be found in the Corona Warn app:

If two users of the app meet, the cell phones exchange information anonymously, thus enabling digital corona tracking. The information is stored in numerical form on the smartphone.

The Bluetooth transmission standard is also used in the smart home environment: Some devices have Bluetooth directly on board, just like your smartphone.

In our online shop you can do that, for example essentials radiator thermostat Bluetooth purchase, which enables the thermostat to be controlled/programmed via smartphone.

In order to make it easier for you to search for smart home devices with Bluetooth connectivity in our shop, we have Overview page for heating products A filter function is integrated, where you can select the Bluetooth radio standard as a product feature.

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