A cloud is the provision of storage space, computing power and software applications via the Internet. Access to the cloud is gained via specially developed programs or the web browser.

In the private sector, the cloud is often used as data storage, e.g. B. for holiday photos. Big advantage: If you send your data to the cloud, you no longer need to worry about data backup.

Smart home devices are also cloud-based: the online connection enables the building technology to be remotely controlled via a smartphone app. Smart home devices also need storage space for their data – and they can find it in the cloud. Otherwise, the user of the smart home technology would have to bring their own server into the house, which would be very time-consuming and technically demanding.

Important to know: Many smart home devices in our online shop also work with one internet outage (ie if the cloud is temporarily unavailable). They have an offline mode, so the basic operation of the smart home installation is maintained even without the internet. During the internet failure, you can no longer control the devices via your cell phone, but operate them manually.

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