Innovation: With this radiator thermostat you save even more energy in the smart home

Innovation: Mit diesem Heizkörperthermostat sparst du noch mehr Energie im Smart-Home

It is now well known that smart home technology can reduce heating costs by up to 30 percent. However, what is often not considered: the usual smart home radiator thermostats consume energy themselves because they are battery-operated. That's why wesmartify has now invented a radiator thermostat that does not require any battery waste - for a truly green future.

Environmentally friendly heating through sensible temperature control

Anyone who saves energy when heating makes an active contribution to environmental protection. But that doesn't mean that you have to freeze at home in winter. Rather, it is a question of using heating energy sensibly and thereby avoiding wasting energy. This works very easily if you always adjust the room temperature to your current needs: when you are at home, it should be cozy and warm. But if you're on the go - e.g. B. at work or on holiday - then the room temperature can be lowered to a lower level. Even at night, when you sleep, you don't need full heating power.

Reducing CO2 emissions - no problem with smart home technology

Now you can try to manage the environmentally friendly control of the heating manually. However, this is more practical with smart home technology: In the smart home you equip your radiators with radio-controlled radiator thermostats. You can then store time and weekly plans for lowering and raising the room temperature directly via the thermostat or via a smartphone app. From then on you don't have to worry about anything anymore - your home regulates the room temperature fully automatically according to your wishes.

Smart radiator thermostats need batteries

However, the commercially available smart home radiator thermostats only work with disposable batteries - and the consumption of batteries in turn pollutes the environment. Strictly speaking, the energy saved during heating must therefore be offset against the battery waste.

Now there are smart home radiator thermostats without batteries

battery waste has long been a thorn in wesmartify's side. That is why we have now brought a radio-controlled radiator thermostat onto the market that works independently of energy and therefore does not require any batteries at all - German engineering. It's under the name essentials radiator thermostat energy self-sufficient BT available.

How does the radiator thermostat work without batteries?

Every radio-controlled radiator thermostat has a motor that needs to be supplied with energy. The essentials radiator thermostat Energieautark BT obtains its energy supply from the available heating heat. This is done with the help of an integrated thermoelectric nanogenerator. This clever principle of energy supply is called energy harvesting: instead of generating extra energy for the motor drive (by means of batteries), the motor uses energy that is available anyway.

The internal energy storage of the essentials radiator thermostat Energieautark BT is able to bridge several months without heating, e.g. B. in the summer months. If the memory is completely empty, the device can be charged via its microUSB port.

Does the essentials radiator thermostat Energieautark BT only work with newly installed radiators? No! You can easily retrofit your existing heating without having to intervene in the building structure. Simply exchange the old thermostat for the smart home radiator thermostat. The radiator thermostat is commissioned conveniently using buttons on the device and the integrated display. You can control and program using your smartphone.

High quality

By the way: The essentials radiator thermostat Energieautark BT is not a Made-in-China product! It was developed in Germany, built in the EU. Attention was paid to high-quality workmanship and durable components. Another step towards sustainability.

Here you will find all the details about the innovative essentials radiator thermostat Energieautark BT.

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