Invisible helpers

Unsichtbare Helfer

Bad Salzdetfurth, September 8, 2021 - wesmartify GmbH is expanding the range of its own smart home brand essentials by five wireless actuators for different areas of application. All products are TÜV-certified and are characterized by their particularly high heat resistance. The five new models are priced between 25 and 35 euros. They are available from

Actuators are the invisible helpers in the smart home: they are installed hidden in existing flush-mounted sockets, receive the control commands from the residents of the house (e.g. "lights off") and then automatically trigger the desired action (the lighting goes out).

Premium overheat protection

Some smart home actuators - especially in the low price range - have a clear weak point: They can overheat very quickly. Not so with the new essentials actuators: high-quality printed circuit boards with efficient heat management are used here, which reduce the risk of local overheating. In addition, wesmartify has optimized the installation space of the actuators so that the warm air has more space to circulate and escape. In addition, all essentials actuators are equipped with overload and overtemperature protection (at an internal temperature of 90°), which switches off automatically if the programmed threshold values ​​are exceeded.

No gateway required - a free app is sufficient

With the essentials app, the actuators are quickly integrated into the home WLAN and ready for use; an additional gateway is not required. The actuators are also controlled via the essentials app or by voice (Amazon Alexa, Google Home).

Switch electrical consumers conveniently from the sofa: essentials Smart Home actuator Switch It (RRP €24.95)

With the 1-channel switching actuator Switch it, consumers such as lamps, televisions, loudspeakers or electric heat pumps can be switched on and off. With a switching capacity of up to 3,680 watts, the actuator is suitable for even the most energy-hungry devices. The supply voltage is either 110-230 V ±10%, 50/60Hz AC, 12V DC or 24 V DC.

With the essentials app, schedules can also be created, you can check on the go whether the light is really off or simulate your own presence during the holiday season.

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Dimming LED lights by voice or smartphone: essentials Smart Home actuator Dimm It (RRP €34.95)

With the Dimm it radio actuator, dimmable LED lights can be automatically switched on and off and continuously dimmed. The desired switching times can be programmed in the essentials app. The operation in leading edge or trailing edge is freely selectable. The maximum switching capacity is 200 watts.

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Automatically control electric roller shutters: essentials Smart Home actuator Shut It (RRP: €29.95)

Shut it is used to automatically raise and lower a roller shutter drive. Individual blackout times can be defined via the app. It is also possible to have the roller shutters open and close automatically at sunrise/sunset. Of course, the smart actuators also set the roller shutters in motion when called.

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Track power consumption: essentials smart home actuator Measure It (RRP: €26.95)

The 1-channel switch actuator Measure it can not only switch the connected load on and off, it also measures the power consumption of the individual device. This is clearly displayed in the essentials app. The remaining range of functions of the Measure It actor corresponds to that of the Switch it actor.

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Adjust brightness, color temperature and light color: essentials Smart Home actuator LED It (RRP: €26.95)

With the 4-channel LED It actuator and the essentials app, the brightness, color temperature and light color of a maximum of four single-color LED lights or a multicolored (RGBW) connected LED strip or an RGBW LED lamp can be adjusted to the current mood . In addition, different time profiles can be created and lights can be easily switched on and off. The operation in leading edge or trailing edge is freely selectable.

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Test devices for editorial offices

Are you interested in trying out the new actuators yourself? Then please send us a message at !

About wesmartify

The decision in favor of a smart home system can be associated with a number of hurdles: an unmanageable number of different providers, complex technical details, installation effort that is difficult to assess, high acquisition costs. That's why wesmartify has set itself the task of offering an easier way to an intelligent home: through self-explanatory technology and excellent on-site service.

Since 2019, wesmartify has been selling smart home products for beginners with its own brand essentials. In the same year, the company took third place in the SmartHome Deutschland Award in the “Best Start-Up” category. In April 2021, was recognized as the best online shop in the Smart Home category. The survey was carried out by the Cologne analysis house ServiceValue in cooperation with DEUTSCHLAND TEST, a brand of the business magazine Focus Money. More information at

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