Smart luxury at a small price

Smarter Luxus zum kleinen Preis

Bad Salzdetfurth, September 03, 2020 – wesmartify GmbH is expanding the range of its own smart home brand essentials at IFA 2020. New in the range: a clever watering system for the garden, a cozy stove, infrared wall heating and a practical wall thermostat for underfloor heating. All products are TÜV-certified and can be easily controlled using the free essentials app.

Snuggle up instead of going out: The corona pandemic means that we are currently spending much more time at home than usual. It is therefore not surprising that upgrading the domestic technology is currently very much in vogue. "We are seeing a large increase in demand for affordable smart home products that make everyday life easier or more beautiful," reports Ralf Klar, Managing Director of the smart home solution provider wesmartify. “Home automation was already in vogue before Corona, but was fueled again by the pandemic. We are pleased to see that more and more people are venturing into unknown territory and finding the courage to simply try out smart technology."

wesmartify is reacting to the smart home boom with new products that offer a comparatively large number of functions for little money. For making the essentials products, wesmartify cooperates with the smart home technology provider Tuya Inc., whose software and hardware solutions are in use around the globe.

New products for everyone:

Smart Garden Irrigation System (RRP €79.99)

The essentials Smart Garden irrigation system plans irrigation taking into account the current weather forecast and individual wishes. In contrast to conventional irrigation systems, water consumption can be significantly reduced. The flow rate is measured using an integrated water meter. The system is controlled - like all other products of the brand essentials – about the free one essentials apartment The Smart Garden irrigation system is available for Christmas 2020.

Smart Home stove (RRP €299.00)

The essentials Smart Home stove is an electric fireplace with an elegant design. The stove can be integrated into the home WLAN in no time at all and is then conveniently connected via the free essentials Smart home app programmed and - if desired also by voice - controlled. The stove not only quickly heats up the room comfortably, it also has an elegant flame effect. The heating output can be switched in two stages (1 or 2 kW). Even without a smartphone app, the oven can be conveniently controlled using the included remote control. The Smart Home stove will be available from October 2020.

Infrared wall heater (RRP: €89.99)

The essentials Smart-Home electric wall heating provides cozy warmth in the cold season, e.g. B. in the conservatory or hallway. Thanks to its ultra-flat, lightweight design (≤11 cm wide, approx. 5 kg in weight), it blends harmoniously into any environment and can be mounted on walls. About the essentials App can be used to create time and temperature profiles, among other things, which noticeably reduces operating costs. The infrared wall heater will be available from October 2020.

Smart Home wall thermostat for underfloor heating (RRP: €49.99)

The wall thermostat for electrical and water-based underfloor heating is also suitable for retrofitting, as it can use existing wiring. It can be easily integrated into the WLAN via the essentials Operate the app and, if desired, also control it by voice command. Using the weekly program with four possible heating switching times per day, the user can tailor the heating output precisely to his needs. Also helpful: the simultaneous display of actual and target temperatures. The smart home wall thermostat will be available from September 2020.

An app for full control

The free one essentials App is the digital cockpit for all of the brand's smart home products essentials . With the app z. B. Create security scenarios, define time controls for the smart components and distribute access rights. The advantage of the philosophy "one app for everything" is obvious, as Ralf Klar explains: "Anyone who does not yet have that much experience with smart home technology can start with a single component and then build their own smart home Expand the system piece by piece. The new components then only have to be connected and added to the app – done.”

Buy? online and offline

wesmartify offers the essentials products through various distribution channels. The products are available from the wesmartify online shop at, in hardware stores such as Globus, toom and Bauhaus, and from the online providers and

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About wesmartify

The decision in favor of a smart home system can be associated with a number of hurdles: an unmanageable number of different providers, complex technical details, installation effort that is difficult to assess, high acquisition costs.

That's why wesmartify has set itself the task of offering an easier way to an intelligent home: through self-explanatory technology and excellent on-site service. More information at

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